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Examples of the most commonly used hardware.
If you do not see the style you were looking for please contact us with the specifications. Additional Options Available
Adjustable Lag Pintle Notched Pintle Plate Pintle Plate Traditional Pintle Plate Tombstone
Beveled Edge Strap
Typical Strap
Notched Pin Strap
"L" Hinge Leg Hinge Middle Hinge
Hold Opens
Beacon Hill Beacon Hill Offset
Belmont Belmont Offset
English Rattail English Rattail Offset
Soldier Soldier Offset
Rattail "S" Hook
Bullet Catch
All hardware should be determined before shutters are fabricated
Ring Pulls
Ring 750
Ring 770
Ring 903
Bolt 707
Bolt 607
Hook & Staple
Hardware Layout
Click on the application below to help determine the correct hardware
Wood Siding Masonry Siding